Six Word Saturday 4-2-16

It’s been a crappy few weeks.



My grandma, 94, fell and broke her hip, had surgery and is now in a rehab facility trying to get better.
My father in law, 84, had a medical issue and he is a rehab facility.
My cat started acting like he was in pain so I took him to the vet and he has now passed away.
Seriously a crappy couple of weeks.
Hope life’s treating you better than me!

Six Word Saturday 1-30-16

I’ll be persistent. Really, I will…


Update on my current list:
Lose weight and keep it OFF! – Have not started my diet yet, soon though.
Open my online store and be self-employed.  Still working on this.
Make enough from the above to quite my real job. Dependant on above.
Move to a warmer climate. Dependant on above.
Travel. I’ve been to California this year a buying trip for the store!
Meet new friends and get back in touch with old friends. I did meet new people in CA!
Get organized! Um… Not yet.
STAY organized!  HAHA I have to get there first!
Blog more. This will be my 11th post this month!
Create more.  I’ve done this too!
Find peace.  I need to make more time for this next month.
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!