Six Word Saturday 1-16-16

This cold is kicking my butt!


I started not feeling well on the way home and it has only gone downhill since then.  I have missed work all week and haven’t even unpacked from my trip yet.  I’m hoping today is going to be the turning point!  I haven’t even looked through the info I picked up at the convention.
Hope you have a fabulous day!

Six Word Saturday 1-2-16

My word for 2016 is…Persistent!


2016 one-word-poster


I skipped having a word to focus on in 2015 but I am feeling the need to do it this year as I am anticipating many changes (eww) in 2016.  I am going to work on being persistent, moving forward, not give up or dwell on things (too much).  I am NOT going to let negativity, naysayers or people who do not have my best interests, persuade me to give up on ME.


This is MY year and I plan to make the most of it.


Just a few things I want to accomplish this year:
Lose weight and keep it OFF!
Open my online store and be self-employed.
Make enough from the above to quite my real job.
Move to a warmer climate.
Meet new friends and get back in touch with old friends.
Get organized!
STAY organized!
Blog more.
Create more.
Find peace.


Wishing all the best in the coming week!