Six Word Saturday 3/15/14

 Last couple of weeks in photos.
 First stop was my room in Scottsdale.  That bed while pretty is so high from the ground we had to buy steps just to get in it! 
This is me circa 1971 at about four years old.  Mom hung this picture in my room just to remind me how old I am getting…
Bougainvillaea in Scottsdale at the Post Office.
Next stop Vegas Baby!
This is why (one reason) I’m in Vegas.  NASCAR
 Dad, me and mom at the race!
Beautiful sunrise at the Hoover Dam before our six-hour drive back to Scottsdale.
This is the London Bridge in Lake Havasu Arizona.  I really wanted to see it and was a little disappointed as I thought it was going to be much bigger.  It’s still a pretty bridge.
I love our backyard!  We have a lot of hummingbirds, doves and quail that visit us everyday.
And my very favorite reason for being here:
The beautiful sunsets!  I love it here!


Wishing you all a wonderful week!